I LOVE this article!! Home Photos...are they DIY?


Time and time again I see property photos on the MLS that leave a lot to be desired.  I've seen kitchens with mounds of dirty dishes, refrigerators littered with magnets and "notes", and irrelevant clutter everywhere!  Bathrooms with disheveled towels on the rack, or plopped onto the floor with the dirty clothes, toilet seats up....and....a reflection of the picture-taker in the bathroom mirror!  I recently saw photos that included someone who was most likely the homeowner standing in front of her/his house watching the "photographer" taking the pictures!  What!?!?! 

Something as simple as shooting a photo in the direction of a window can cause a dull and distracting outcome for the interior or your home.  Who is taking the pictures of your home?  Are they using a cell phone's camera?

This article is direct and to the point, and more than worth reading:  INMAN NEWS  https://goo.gl/fcxTsB

Happy 4th Quarter of 2016!!!  Now is the time to make your dreams come true...  Sun emoji


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