Fun Stuff! Not ALWAYS real estate statistics! :)


As we head into the 4th quarter of 2016, many folks are gearing up to CLEAN UP!  De-cluttering and re-purposing are the ideal start!  There are so many very simple things that we can do, and I'll be adding another idea each and every week.

Take your ordinary clothes hanger that we normally get while we're buying clothes but rarely ever use them once we get home.  Don't throw it away!  I normally put on a pair of good garden gloves and just snap off the ends, so however you choose to do it is fine, as long as it works.  First re-purposing task....done!  Now use them around your home to clip things together, such as charger cords, chip and cereal bags, use them on a clothes line...or simply glue on a magnet to the back of the clip and stick it on your refrigerator!  

Have an awesomely incredible week ahead!